VXCON 2019
Main Conference: 27-April-2019 (Saturday)

Participants of the VXCON main conference are eligible to earn 6 hours of CPE

Workshop and Village (Tentative)
25-26 April: Workshop
28 April: Village

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VXCON, we are glad to invite a few prominent speakers and researchers all over the world. They are frequent speakers of Blackhat, DEF CON, HITCON and in various global hacker and security conference. Meanwhile, some are very good at Malware Analysis, CTF and Exploitation and Hardware. We focus on offensive security, threat and exploitation. Please enjoy and join us.



Satoshi Tanda

AMD-V for Hackers
KJ and Dlive

KJ and Dlive

JiuWei - Cross Platform/Architecture Shellcode Executor
Clarence Chio

Clarence Chio

Grey-box fuzzing with multi-armed bandit machine learning

Moonbeom Park

Let's steal and dive into the secret computer they stole.


Advanced Binary Exploitation (Workshop)
keng wong and anthony

Ken Wong and Anthony Lai

Malware Analysis and Machine Learning

So-yeon Lee

Leaking accurate kernel pointer using kprt tool with 1 day analysis

Dennis Kim

Blockchain Mythbusters

Kelvin Liu

Drone Security

Panel Discussion - Hack For Future

Toshihiko Taniguchi

Toshihiko Taniguchi

Japan - HPCon
Takayuki Terashima

Takayuki Terashima

Japan - AV Tokyo
Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee

Korea - HARU
Nikolay Akatyev

Nikolay Akatyev

Korea - BoB
Dr. CK Chen

Dr. CK Chen

Taiwan - Bamboo Fox


Taiwan - TDOH
Albert Hui

Albert Hui

DEF CON Group Hong Kong


Malaysia - HITB
Anthony Lai

Anthony Lai

Moderator - VXRL


Main Conference: 27-Apr 2019 09:00-18:00 (Venue: The Wave)
09:30 - 09:35Opening
09:40 - 09:55Keynote
10:00 - 10:45KJ and Dlive - JiuWei - Cross Platform/Architecture Shellcode Executor
10:45 - 11:00Break
11:00 - 11:45Clarence Chio - Grey-box fuzzing with multi-armed bandit machine learning
11:45 - 12:30Moonbeom Park - Let's steal and dive into the secret computer they stole.
12:30 - 14:00Lunch Break
14:00 - 14:45이소연 So-Yeon Lee - Leaking Kernel pointers / CTF challenges walkthrough
14:45 - 15:30Satoshi Tanda - AMD-V for Hackers
15:30 - 15:40Break
15:40 - 16:00Anthony LAI/Ken Wong: Malware Analysis and Machine Learning
16:00 - 16:30Dennis Kim: Blockchain Mythbusters
16:30 - 16:45Drone Security - Kelvin Liu (TDOH)
16:45 - 17:15VX Research :)
17:15 - 17:45 Panel Discussion - Hack for Future
Japan: Toshihiko Taniguchi, Takayuki Terashima
Korea: Ryan Lee, Nikolay Akatyev
Taiwan: Dr. CK Chen, TDOH - HrJ
Malaysia: KJ
Hong Kong: Albert Hui
Moderator: Anthony Lai

Tentative Schedule for Village

Village: 28-Apr 2019 10:30-17:00 (Venue: WeWork CityPlaza 20/F)
10:00 - 10:30Entry - Crew members will help to register in Lobby
11:15 - 12:00Student session - CTF Fundamental
12:00 - 13:30Lunch
13:30 - 14:15Smart Home Hacking
14:15 - 15:00Lockpicking Via 3D printing
15:00 - 15:30Morse Code
15:30 - 16:30Chip-off
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Tentative Workshop Schedule

Angelboy (World Top Binary pwner from HITCON)

Topic : Binary Exploitation - 2 days (25-26 April)
Linux Heap exploitation
Glibc memory allocator
Use after free
Unsafe unlink
House of force
Advanced Linux heap exploitation
Fastbin attack
Unsorted bin attack
Unsorted bin corruption
Large bin attack
File structure exploitation
File Structure internel
Make file structure great again
Windows exploitation
From Linux to Windows
Bypass some Protection

Satoshi (World Top Windows Kernel and Reverse Engineer)

Date: 28 April (1030-1530) Topic: Hypervisor Development Hands On for Security Researchers on Windows
Why Learning VT-x
Sharing Goals of the Workshop
Exercise 0: Run Our Hypervisor and Observe Behavior
Basics of Intel VT-x
Processor Modes: VMX root operation and VMX non-root operation
Mode Transition: VMX instructions, VM-exit and VM-entry
VMCS: A Context Structure for a Guest
Source Code Work-through
Exercise 1: Implement the CPUID Handler
Customizing Hypervisor
More on VMCS
Opting-in More VM-exit
Exercise 2: Implement a Context Switch Tracer (CR3 monitor)
Wrapping Up
Typical Vulnerabilities You Would Make
Further Features and Learning Resources
For workshop, please contact darkfloyd[at] for details


Please contact info[at] for arrangement

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Conference Venue - The Wave

8/F, The Wave, 4 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

Village Venue - WeWork

Cityplaza Phase 3, 14, 20/F Tai Koo Shing Rd